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Hi, what can we do for you?

Are you wondering where you can store your luggage and get something to eat while you wait, or need access to the wifi? Need assistance or have forgotten something at the bus terminal? If you cant figure it out our service minded customer hosts will help you with practical information while visiting Oslo bus terminal.

Need for assistance?

Our assistance help at Oslo bus terminal is a service for people with disabilities.

How to buy tickets?

Arrivals and departure times can be found on the large screen at the terminal. Click the link for information on how to buy tickets


There is both a café and kiosk at the terminal. Here its possible to buy something to eat, drink, and read.

Lost property?

If you are missing something that you lost or forgot at Oslo bus terminal, then you can fill in the lost and found form.

Wondering about anything?

Have questions regarding tickets, departures, arrivals before or after your journey? Click here “Read more” to see our frequently asked questions.

Do you need to store your belongings?

Oslo bus terminal offers storage boxes with card payment.

Can´t find the terminal?

By clicking “Read more” here, you will get to a map over the area around Oslo bus terminal, and a map over the terminal.

Why travel by bus?

There is many advantages with traveling by bus. Click “Read more” to read some of them.

Contact us

The best way of contacting us, is by filling out and submitting our contact form. Click “Read more” to go to the page with the form.

We help people prefer public transport

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