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The assistance service at Oslo bus terminal is a service for people with disabilities. Assistance is ordered in the contact form up to 24 hours before arrival or departure time.

If the journey comes abruptly, our service-minded customer hosts will of course assist, but we will not be able to guarantee that this is practically possible.

About the service
The assistance service includes people with disabilities (not able-bodied or children traveling alone). Please note that this is not a health service; we can not take responsibility for medical assistance.

What the service includes
Assistance is provided to and from the bus, and to and from Oslo Central Station, main entrance north. The service includes assistance of people, not luggage. We can undertake to assist with one luggage unit in connection with personal assistance.

We also provide assistance when buying tickets, food and drink at the Oslo bus terminal.

The service includes assistance to and from the toilet, but not during toilet visits.

The assistance service is a collaboration between Akershus kollektivterminaler FKF and BaneNor.

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