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Velkommen til Oslo bussterminal


At the Oslo bus terminal, you will easily spot the simple and clear signage. There are large screens with arrival and departure times for the buses, luggage storage, toilet facilities, café and kiosk in open, modern premises.

Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from our service minded customer service representatives at the information desks. You will find a kiss & ride area in Schweigaardsgate, between the street terminal and the terminal building. Scroll down for more information regarding the service offers at the terminal.

Any enquiries?

Please feel free to ask one of our service-minded customer hosts, regarding any enquirie you might have during your visit at the Oslo bus terminal. That is why they are there! You find the customer hosts at the info points in HUB and at platform A12. They are easily recognizable obout the terminal with their red ties or scarves. The info points are staffed at 8-18 (9-18 Sundays).


Cozy and trendy BIT cafe is more than the scent of their legendary cinnamon rolls. Here you get salad, baguettes, delicious coffee and a variety of baked goods made on site. Cheerful baristas provide a good prelude to the informal work meeting, lunch with colleagues and your waiting time for the bus journey. Enjoy!

News paper stand at the kiosken


Hotdog on the go, coffee and a chocolate for the road, or could it be nice with something from the magazine shelf?

The MIX kiosk is located in the middle of the terminal. Meet the nice, friendly crew at MIX, who can also help you buy tickets from Ruter and Flixbus.

When does the bus leave?

Updated route information can be found on screens strategically placed around the entire bus terminal.

The route information screens can also be read through the windows from Schweigaardsgate / the street terminal. Oslo bus terminal has large screens with the latest available technology for the best lighting and contrast.


In addition to the friendly and dedicated security guards at the terminal, the police and customs also have offices here. To ensure both personal safety and traffic safety, Oslo Bus Terminal uses the latest available technology within ITV systems for monitoring the terminal areas outside and inside.

Offcourse we ensure that the privacy legislation that accompanies video surveillance is being followed. Good lighting is a safety contribution, and the lighting along the outer wall towards Scweigaardsgate are being upgraded this autumn.

Iinformation counters

The info counters are staffed at 8AM-6PM (9AM-6PM Sundays). You will find them by the green moss wall in HUB, and by platform A12. At A12 we have also collected the ticket machines.

Our pleasant customer hosts are approachable about the terminal, easily recognizable by their red ties or scarves. Please feel free to ask them about whatever it may be in connection with your visit to the Oslo bus terminal. That is why they are there!

Gode ventesoner

There are several types of pleasant waiting zones at the Oslo bus terminal. If you want to do your homework over a latte whilest waiting for the bus, you will find power outlet sfor your laptop under the counter along the windows at BIT cafe, as well as under the tables in the “booths”. At BIT, you may also have the informal job meeting, the lunch with a colleague, or use as a meeting point for your travel companions. T

The unexpected meeting with a stranger, the exchange of a gaze and a smile, is easily given at the benches around the terminal. If the sun is shining, look for the Oslo-orange outdoor benches on both long sides of the terminal building

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